On the Job Deaths Skyrocket

For the third year in a row, annual workplace deaths have increased. During 2016, there were 5,190 workplace fatalities reported in the United States according to a report that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released last week. This is … Continued

Third-Party Actions and Workers’ Comp

Vermont’s workers’ compensation law generally prohibits an employee from suing their employer, even in cases where the employer is at fault.  An injured employee’s sole remedy is to bring a workers’ compensation claim for workers’ compensation benefits such as wage … Continued

Independent Medical Examinations and Workers’ Comp

What is an IME? An Independent Medical Examination (IME) essentially is a second opinion requested by the employer or workers’ compensation insurance carrier.  There is no treating physician/patient relationship established, and the information you provide will not be kept confidential. … Continued

Construction Accidents – “The Fatal Four”

Vermont workers’ compensation laws provide death benefits to dependents of those who are fatally injured in a work injury. The public generally thinks of workers’ compensation as providing benefits to workers’ injured on the job, but Vermont workers’ compensation provides … Continued

Brain Injuries at Work

Brain injuries at work are common and can have a devastating impact on an injured worker. Our workers’ compensation attorneys have years of experience representing people who have suffered a brain injury and our workers’ comp lawyers are familiar with … Continued